Friday, July 19, 2019

Owner has Authorized us to Accept $1,299,000!

Per owners instructions, we will not be changing the price in the RLS. This is a limited opportunity to make a great deal on a wonderful, bright Upper West Side two-bedroom!

Click here to see this wonderful UWS 2 bedroom!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Some Interesting Data from Fritz Frigan of Halstead

"1.      The downward trend in both charts for all four submarkets is unmistakable. Attendance started dropping off significantly after April 1, and particularly after May 1.
2.      Interesting how Upper East Side is marginally stronger than Midtown East and how they move in a sync.
3.      Very strong difference between Upper West Side and Midtown West in the first 3-4 months of this year….. Then in May and June UWS lost its momentum." Fritz Frigan, Halstead

If you're an agent or broker and you haven't already subscribed to his open house reports, I would suggest that you do.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Something I Have Said for Years! Not the Broker, the Price!

If your home is listed across all necessary channels, shown on demand as required and it's still not selling after 2 months; it's the price, nothing else.

Read this great interview by one of the most successful brokers in NYC.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

We Give Away Money!!!

We provide an extremely high level of service, unlike any you've experienced in real estate. We provide 100% transparency and keep you looped in at all times throughout the process.

And then we give you a big check! What is not to love!??

Have a look at our testimonials. No wonder we are doing so well, even in a very difficult market.


Monday, June 17, 2019

Summer Update 2019: Frustration v. Opportunity

I Just wanted to share a short note to bring all of you my perspective on the current market. While there already exist a ton of agent interviews, company reports and perspectives, I’d like to also humbly pitch my two cents into the fountain of What’s Happening. I have always strived to exist outside of the BS zone while observing and evaluating the state of the market; generally attempting to avoid reaction steeped exclusively in emotion. Long term real estate investment strategies aside, I like to remind myself about the oft-forgotten happiness derived from one’s primary home... getting to live in it. And with enough time, it should also provide you with a reasonable financial return! It only truly becomes a ‘problem’ when, due to timing, you have to sell into a soft market...   

Low rates, a solid economy and real estate is on sale. We saw the market start to take a noticeable downturn early last summer and then more or less fall off a cliff by the time we got into the winter. However, it took until late winter for the reality of what was happening to sink in for buyers (and especially sellers). Hardcore buyers (those that had been looking for a few years), jumped in last fall/winter when they saw inventory increasing, prices falling and homes they had been following still available after a decent amount of time on the market. Seller's were starting to get the message and adjust their prices, usually too little to meet buyers expectations.

All things considered, I think now we are seeing some pricing that mostly reflects rationality. However, buyers are now focusing their attention on the best properties in what have been historically well-established neighborhoods. Even if you are just a little bit off the well-trodden path, selling your home can be tough, even at what you and your agent consider a fair valuation. As I always remind you, there is no magic bullet to selling your home, as long as you are covering all the essential bases; it just comes down to price. There is a lot of inventory being pulled from the market and most of it was represented by large firms and top agents. So if you are on the market for 2-3 months with no offers and diminished showings, it's time to make a meaningful price adjustment. You adjust until you find the sweet spot where buyers start calling again and offers start flowing. If you have the luxury of waiting to sell, maybe pack up your tent and come back when the market shifts in your favor.

All being said, it is a very frustrating time for many sellers as economic conditions remain very conducive to supporting sales. However, the reality is the sales market is weak and continues to soften. But it's not dead, transactions are taking place, we bid and lost (over ask, $1955 a f2) for a PH (144 N.8th) in Williamsburg, same for a 3 bedroom at 41 West 9th street, oh and also a brownstone on Sterling Place in Crown Heights (bid over ask!).

My take is that there is a much smaller, more selective buyer pool chasing a larger seller pool with other buyers lurking for good deals (something that really gets their attention) that they couldn't afford 2 or 3 years ago. The bottom line is that many people want to own their home, they see that prices have come down, competition is mostly minimal and that money is cheap. However, the fact remains, many more are afraid to act when real estate goes on sale. When the market is heated up and frothy, the opposite is true, a paradox of real estate. 

How much of all these developments are due to the new tax laws? Difficult to say, it just hasn't been a big part of the conversation with our clients recently. It certainly hasn't helped, I just think we are in the acceptance stage.

I just want to thank everyone again for all the support and referrals! We have rebated millions of dollars and assisted hundreds of clients through the good and the difficult times. I have made it a priority to always put your best interests first, offering honest advice and a 100% transparent platform to work within and with you to achieve your goals.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Now this is a Testimonial!

Why wouldn't you use The Burkhardt Group?

"Thank you so much for the well wishes, Keith...and the touch of good humor! It was a pleasure working with you, Christian, and Norman. You're an efficient, well balanced, lean-and-mean team whose knowledge, experience, collaboration, and careful attitude made the long and sometimes anxiety fraught process of finding, qualifying for, and closing on an expensive NYC co-op apartment a more or less sane and smooth adventure.

Also, thank you for recommending Weidenbaum & Harari. Barry's a genuine Mensch, and once he got Despina plugged in (thanks to Christian's and your help) everything on the legal/financial end was smooth sailing.

We're relatively cash poor now but receiving your rebate check takes some of that sting out of that big bite and enables us to more readily focus on the upcoming move and next chapter of our life.

We very much appreciate and admire the innovative model you've created and how well it works. The only surprise is that there aren't more RE agents/brokers adopting your model...but maybe that's a good thing.

We're glad our friends, Alice and Calvin Eng, referred us to you and we certainly will recommend The Burkhardt Group to everyone we know who'll be looking to buy or sell NYC real estate in the future.

Wishing you and your family much health and happiness, Keith...

All the best,

Vince & Joan"