Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blue Apron

Wow, first I can't believe I have not written anything here since August! I was away with the family for two weeks that month (Sebastapol, Ca. Beautiful place!) And we have been pretty slammed, which is of course a good thing. I have very little time doing nothing from around 9am through 8pm+.

Quick market update: Not much has changed, low inventory, cheap money, high rents and many people who want to own NYC real estate. And why not? A great way to diversify and you can live there! There was a slight nod to seasonality (as it should be) in August, our buyers stayed the course and deals were made. However post labor Day more properties hit the market (as they should) and the buyers followed. A cloudy macro picture, choppy stock market and all other sorts of stuff did not temper the market.....much.

So on to something different here. We love to eat at home and cook healthy meals, however not always so easy to do. What always seems to be a challenge is coming up with something different, then shopping for all the ingredients. So many times we wind up with rotting food in the fridge, puzzled looking at it all and trying to figure out what to make. Hence we were always in a rut, pasta 3 days a week, occasional taco night maybe a curry but mostly ordering in!

I knew about Blue Apron from twitter and other social media venues but sort of forgot about them. Then I saw that a client worked for them and I quickly looked at their website. I liked what I saw and signed up on the spot and a few weeks later we had our first box. We went with the vegetarian plan and I have to say the food is incredibly delicious. My wife loves the ease, everything is fresh, portioned out and ready to go. The recipe cards make it very easy and you can also find support online when you get stuck on something. The meals are restaurant quality, diverse in ways that we would not go if left to our own devices!

So if you are busy, tired of grocery shopping and trying to figure out what to make, give it a try. We get 3 meals delivered, they come packed in ice on Wednesday and we often also get a lunch out of the dinner for the next day. Definitely a game changer.

I am not a spokesperson for this company! Lol.