Saturday, January 22, 2011

The evolution of my business model

 I started this project in early 2007 to address my concerns about the real estate bubble, steering people away from buying and offering lower commission for rentals based on service provided. Over the last year I have been focused on sales again with a model aimed at what I call "real estate quants". These are buyers who love to dig into all the statistical data available to them, are active on the boards of sites like StreetEasy and are looking for more of a consulting experience, rather than a traditional sales experience. My model helps us create a partnership and rewards the buyer with a percentage of the commission being rebated to them at the closing or an adjustment to counter act a transfer fee or "flip tax".

So what can you expect from the Burkhardt Group experience? The bottom line: that is entirely up to you. We initially will speak on the phone to decide what level of service you require, this will determine the structure of the rebate. In a nutshell most of my work begins when you identify a property you may be interested in. The process starts with an online analysis of the listing which includes a thorough search of comparable sales in the building as well as the neighborhood.

After all this I will give you my opinion on price, usually expressed as a range with my comments about how I arrived at such price points. I always do this without asking you what you would like to pay, then we discus and try and understand value, balance the emotional aspect of the purchase with the financial reality.
From here I will draft an offer which will be emailed to you for approval and then it will be sent off to the listing broker(s) with you cc'ed. You will also be part of all correspondence between me and the listing broker(s) from this point on.

If we are successful and enter into contract I will then assist you with assemblage of the co-op board application or condo application. Next stop closing!

My services can be utilized by anyone looking to purchase a home in New York who wants a knowledgeable, transparent buying experience. I would like to stress that we certainly don't feel we are the only way to purchase a home, there are many qualified, honest brokers providing outstanding service. My goal is to offer buyers a choice with a very flexible service model that can meet any of your needs or desires.

We just want you,the buyer to feel 100% satisfied during every step of the often stressful process of purchasing a home in New York.

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