Monday, September 22, 2014

What To Expect When You Work with The Burkhardt Group?

Expect the highest level of service from the initial conversation until you are at the closing table receiving your keys. We work with your absolute best interests in mind at all times, we are not living and dying deal to deal; so we can afford to provide you with a 100% transparent opinion. We don't consider ourselves as sales people, we act more like your partner or consultants; we are NEVER selling you. That is not our model. The only thing we do not do is property searches for our clients, seems regardless of who buyers choose to represent them these days, they are all doing their own searches on sites like StreetEasy.

1) We never ask you what you want to pay for a property you are considering to bid on. We will always give you our thoughts first which include a comparable report, our perspective on condition, location, light, view as well as point out any red flags that may not bother you,  however will bother a large percentage of buyers when it's time for you to sell. We also will do a basic check of DOB records to look for any issues (especially in a townhouse sale).

2) We schedule and will accompany you to all private showings or any showing you wish us present at.

3) We will work with you to assemble your offer, work out a bidding strategy and give insight into what is a reasonable premium to pay in this strong sellers market. We'll always tell you what we think, then we can discuss to try and understand each others position.

4) We have board package preparation down to a science. We use ADOBE PRO to make the process as efficient, effective and secure as possible. You will receive detailed preparation notes for your specific board package. You will also receive a "reference letter" package to help you assemble the best possible references letters; something especially important with a  co-op board package.

There are also a few other unique ways that we work to make this a 100% transparent, friendly and effective process (however we don't want to give away all our secrets here).

The bottom-line: we go above and beyond as your representative. We have an alternative model that adds real value back to our clients because of our (and your) use of information and technology. That's how we roll!

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Keith Burkhardt

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And We Are Off.....!

So like a lot of you I sort of took some time off, essentially the last two weeks of August. We were actually pretty busy considering, but not anywhere near our normal pace of biz. Of course that last week leading up to Labor Day is just dead, gladly so! But then after all the barbecuing is finished, I start to wonder when things will pick back up to the frantic pace we are used to. Well that did not take long, we are currently slammed, today for instance we have appointments on the hour until about 7 pm. Ahhh, good to be back on track!?  So off to the races, trying to figure out just when this rabid sellers market will ebb and give our buyers a break.

The good news at least for a handful of our clients, there seems to be a bit more inventory, we are showing clients 3 new town homes in Brooklyn on Sunday, I don't think we showed them as many over the past 3 months! Also we submitted 4 offers this week on behalf of our wonderful clients and we have 4 accepted, not too shabby. We'll celebrate when they are signed, still, very good news for our team.

Just a quick post summer update from The Burkhardt Group.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cabin Fever! A pretty cool company leading the charge in the small home movement...

I have always been interested in small homes, a simple, minimalist lifestyle. When I was 20 I bought 10 acres of land in  Schoharie County, NY in a very small town called Summit (just a one pump gas station that served as a "grocery store" as well). Anyway a long story short, I finally drew up some plans and built my own small home, one room, large terrace and open views to the West (along with deer, turkey, raspberries, apples etc). It was a simple cabin, one room, composting toilet and outdoor shower. I built it myself (with an occasional helper) with a hammer, circular saw and various other rented tools and hand tools. Believe me, I have a million funny stories of the process. Here's one: I framed up all the walls after finishing the pole foundation, sort of rushed it but we got it done with the help of our head lights.I came back the following week to put the roof trusses in place, what I found was all the framing lumber scattered like toothpicks all over the property! I thought some local tore it all up! I was later asked if I braced all the walls? Well no. Summit was called Summit as it was the highest point in the county, evidently winds reached 40-60 miles an hour and without the walls braced....lesson learned.

Any way it was really a blast building this little house and we had many awesome weekends, weeks spent in our little cabin. It still stands today and when I'm in the area I always drive over for a look. This is a beautiful part of the Northern Catskills though it is a 3.5 hour trek up there. A snapshot of old NY State.

                                 CABIN FEVER!