Saturday, August 26, 2017

It's Been a Long, Busy Summer!

Due to a number of things I have not written a post in some time, First we were on a family vacation the last two weeks of July in Costa Rica. Then upon our return some old health issue I thought were in my past reoccurred. The good news is I am on the mend and my excellent team kept things running smoothly!

We have a great model and process in place. I wouldn't say it runs itself, however with the right people running the operation, I don't think you could have a more efficient way to buy and sell real estate coupled with excellent, knowledgeable customer service. No one is better than Christian Bari and Norman Brannon, the Dream team!

The summer has been very, very active. We did not get a break from all the buying until last week when someone finally put the brakes on! We set records for closings, signed contracts for July and August, it was just nonstop. We are happy that buyers are finally taking some time off to enjoy the dog days of summer with Labor Day just around the corner.


Keith Burkhardt

Another very happy buyer:

"Keith, Christian and Norman,
Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience buying our first home! We learned so much from you all in the process, and we really appreciate how you patiently and masterfully answered all of our newbie questions! 
We felt comfortable to take our time and make every decision with your sound advice and recommendations in mind. We appreciate never feeling rushed, or pressured in any way. Your recommendations to work with Guard Hill and Luk and Luk were excellent as well, as everyone played their part in helping this run smoothly. Norman was so professional, friendly and knowledgeable and he really taught us so much over the course of this process. 
We really felt like we were in great hands, and we will recommend the Burkhardt Group to anyone who asks!
Liz and Prathap (8/24/2017)"