Monday, September 23, 2013

This is Why We Do What We Do!

Dear all,

What a team! This has been our third experience in a real estate deal, and by far the easiest from start to finish. BXXXX and I would like to thank each of you one more time for your exceptional professionalism.
Barry, your team’s precision in due diligence, and paying attention to every detail from start to finish… and Despina, you rock, and fight for your client with a style!

Stephan, when we met with you the first time, you made it sound easy to get a loan, then you made it really easy to get one despite Wells Fargo being one of the most difficult to secure a loan with.
Christian, what a thorough job in preparing board package! Our board interview was probably the easiest ever.

Keith, what a smart business model, and the smartest bargaining tactics we have ever been offered. Equally important, we have not met in person, not even signed a contract, all our relationship based on a mutual understanding of respect and trust, wow!
Frankly, we could not have worked with a better team.

Thank you!