Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Some great insights for both buyers and sellers from Deanna Kory

The only thing I disagree with is the momentum in the market, for us it's been terrific. We have a large number of buyers coming out of the woodwork as they see listing prices drop. I'm not sure where we bottom out, but the distinguished Noah Rosenblat thinks we're pretty close, time and his charts will tell.

Part of this discussion is about the divergence of the economy and the real estate market. Many folks are having a difficult time understanding how we can have a declining real estate market with such a strong economy. Now those who think the real estate market is bottoming out perhaps in the next quarter, then strengthening, are banking on the fact that the economy will remain strong. But will it? I think we'll see the equities market 'catch up' to the real estate market over the next couple of quarters. But of course take this with a grain of salt as we should any short-term predictions. Personally I'm feeling more bullish on my real estate holdings, moved all equity positions to cash 3 weeks ago.

Watch discussion here!

Monday, November 12, 2018


I thought I would post a recent picture of the Burkhardt family (minus Kirtana, 30 and Eli, 34). That's my youngest, just turned 6, Zoey. Yes I hit the reset button!

Last July Zoey was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. More or less it came out of nowhere. At least for the major symptoms. As a matter of fact we picked her up from camp the morning she was diagnosed, she seemed absolutely fine other than very hungry! When we got to the hospital an hour later, her blood sugar was 940! The doctors and nurses  called her a miracle. She was in the ER cracking jokes, being as precocious and silly as ever!

My wife, Cheryl knew something was wrong. When we went to the pediatrician that day, she had packed a bag for the hospital knowing what was to come. I was in denial right until the doctor walk into the office with a very concerned expression on his face. Unbeknownst to us our pediatrician has been type 1 for 27 years.

Fast forward to today, with the help of some amazing technology and great support from family and friends, Zoey is doing great!

If you know anyone with children with type 1 diabetes, please feel free to have them contact me.

I'm posting this because November is type 1 diabetes awareness month.