Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a ride....

That ride up was enough to starve anyone of vital oxygen needed to make clear headed decisions. I remember pretty smart people telling me I was missing the boat, but I remember from my days as a monk being told; "Be steady like the moon, not a short bright splash like a shooting star." Now I'm no longer a monk, but I have often referred to that advice to guide me through life. I may have missed out on "maybe" making some big money, but I did not lose any and this market aberration (bubble)caused little discomfort to my life. Unfortunately it brought ruin to many others, both emotional and financial and almost destroyed a country.

Have we learned a lesson? When and where is the next sleeping dragon?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Satisfied Customer...And Wonderful People!

"Thank you so much for your help, guidance and patience throughout this very long process. We greatly appreciate everything you did. We'll certainly recommend you to friends, and please feel free to use us as a reference. And good luck with your own house search.

With gratitude,

Sela and Margaret"

This is an example of a typical client. Initially they called me about 10 months ago and did most of the legwork themselves (online research as they narrowed their search to just a few buildings) and we collaborated when they found something worthy of a possible bid. We made offers on two other units before getting this one to stick. Actually, our initial offer was refused several months earlier, but we were patient. They got a great deal; current units in the building are listed at $175,000 dollars over what they closed at so, even after a renovation, they will come out on the sweet side of this deal. Especially since they will own this "till they die." And what a view...and a terrace!

Congratulations guys, it was fun and a pleasure to work with you both! This deal was especially gratifying since they started out our relationship by telling me in no uncertain terms: "BROKERS ARE IDIOTS" LOL. Now we are friends...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

About Us: The Burkhardt Group.

Our Goal
The Burkhardt Group offers cost-conscious property owners and homeseekers a flexible, economical alternative to the big Manhattan brokerage firms. Our mission is to bring owners together with buyers and tenants in the most efficient manner possible, so all parties receive outstanding value.

Our View
During the past ten years, the Internet loosened the real estate industry's information monopoly. Property listings, comparable sales, valuation models and other resources are now readily available to non-professionals. Although rising prices - especially in Manhattan - helped preserve the dominance of full-commission brokers, a new generation of data-savvy customers began to question the traditional model.

As prices become more realistic, reducing transaction costs is a priority for owners, buyers and renters. The technology that emerged during the recent boom years can be used to drive those costs down. Unlike most brokerage firms, The Burkhardt Group was built for normal times - not to cash in on an overheated market. We offer you the benefits of lower costs through technology and reduced overhead... NOW.

Our Promise
With The Burkhardt Group, you get the best value for the services you need. You never pay for extras you don't want, and we will never use your money or your property to build a fancy brand name for ourselves.

Our agents will tailor a service package to meet your personal real estate goals. When we work within the traditional commission model, we offer rebates and other rewards to share the benefits of our low overhead.

Equally important, our fee structure and compensation plan reward transparency and customer focus. We want to help you make decisions that benefit you, not a broker. By unbundling fees and narrowing the gap in incentives and prestige between sales and rentals, we encourage our professionals to remain unbiased as you consider your real estate options. Selling, buying, renting, even waiting are equally valid choices. All deserve fair consideration and outstanding service.

To ensure your satisfaction, The Burkhardt Group has assembled a team that blends deal-closing experience with technical expertise and personal knowledge of neighborhoods and properties. We equip our professionals with the same tools full-commission brokers use, and support them at every stage of the client relationship. In short, the Burkhardt Group can do everything the big firms do, at a fraction of the cost.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011