Sunday, August 16, 2015

There Are Many Ways to Skin a Cat...

Perhaps not the best analogy, especially from a cat owner and vegetarian. We have a business model that is a little bit different and I work a little bit different than many brokers that are in my position. Before going into all this I will stress what I always open with in my initial phone call with a new client: "We deliver a full service experience, I actually like to think we go above and beyond the typical real estate experience". The only thing we don't do is look for listings to send to our clients. Frankly 100% of the clients that call us don't want assistance with this anyway. I mean who is not on Streeteasy these days??

I spend 100% of my time in front of my laptop or working my Nexus 6P, I am always available to take care of business. My instant availability has been very useful in getting deals done, especially in this market. My two associates Christian Bari and Lance Piebenga are out in the field meeting clients and showing apartments and homes. Christian is also our board package expert! It is a highly effective, efficient model. Agents and brokers often ask me, "don't you want to view the apartment?" Not really. I understand lay-outs, buildings and neighborhoods. Any additional information I need on views, light etc I get from my guys and or the client. The buyer needs to love the space, not me. Also I am not swayed by fabulous decorating!  Be careful when viewing a fabulously staged apartment, it will play games with your rational mind.

I have done a number of deals with buyers from overseas or as just recently on the other coast, whom I have never met. Facetime, email and a good old phone call is really enough to get a transaction done in the cyber-age, if one prefers. I always stress, I am not a salesperson, I am NEVER trying to sell you anything. I deliver an opinion on a property (always provide this to you first) then we can discuss and see if we are on the same page. If not, let's try and understand each others point of view. It is actually a very refreshing way to do business, especially real estate. have a look at our testimonials to read what our clients think.

All the Best,

Keith Burkhardt

Just Never Get Tired of Assisting Our Clients....

"Dear Christian, Keith and Lance
We just wanted to say thank you for your patience and support through this process. You have been consistently knowledgeable, attentive and proactive throughout, which is hugely appreciated during a stressful process for a first time buyer. We will be suggesting your team to everyone we meet who is looking at a purchase, and if there anything else we can do for you please don't hesitate to ask. 
Thanks again

Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Like To let Our Clients Speak For Us....

"Hi Keith, Lance, Christian,
Thank you for your help, guidance, and encouragement over the last year. We couldn't have navigated the crazy NYC real estate market by ourselves and thanks for just being there to hear our occasional frustrated rants. This apt is definitely a good outcome for the time being.
We appreciate your honest advices and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't work with your team especially with that big rebate check in hand. Every person you have recommended to us have worked out wonderfully as well. 
We wish you all the success with the new selling-representation and look forward to selling & then buying our next apt with you. 
Will let you know how the renovation goes and do stop by when it's done. 
Ilya and Betty"

We are not trying to puff ourselves up. However we grow organically through the kind words of others...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Technology and the Human Element

I recently read an article in the online real estate magazine Inman News. Basically it argued the human element was needed for a successful real estate transaction. However like most things I read on  this topic, it was a bit hollow.

It starts off pointing out all the wonderful information available on line via sites like Zillow  (here in NYC, Streeteasy ). The point ,though is you need the human touch to finesse the deal.

We have you covered. By partnering with our clients, utilizing all available technology, offering opinions based on accepted value modeling as well as 25 years of street experience.  Then sharing our commission with you because of our low overhead and the fact I don't split the commission with a large corporate entity.

Simply said we are the full package. One mission; to serve our clients highest and best needs before everything else.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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