Saturday, August 1, 2015

Technology and the Human Element

I recently read an article in the online real estate magazine Inman News. Basically it argued the human element was needed for a successful real estate transaction. However like most things I read on  this topic, it was a bit hollow.

It starts off pointing out all the wonderful information available on line via sites like Zillow  (here in NYC, Streeteasy ). The point ,though is you need the human touch to finesse the deal.

We have you covered. By partnering with our clients, utilizing all available technology, offering opinions based on accepted value modeling as well as 25 years of street experience.  Then sharing our commission with you because of our low overhead and the fact I don't split the commission with a large corporate entity.

Simply said we are the full package. One mission; to serve our clients highest and best needs before everything else.

I look forward to speaking with you.


Excuse the writing here. Typed this up on my blogger app on my note.Was just in the mood to get this out, been pretty swamped and have done limited writing lately.  I'm currently on vacation with the family.  Currently getting eye....

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