Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Like To let Our Clients Speak For Us....

"Hi Keith, Lance, Christian,
Thank you for your help, guidance, and encouragement over the last year. We couldn't have navigated the crazy NYC real estate market by ourselves and thanks for just being there to hear our occasional frustrated rants. This apt is definitely a good outcome for the time being.
We appreciate your honest advices and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't work with your team especially with that big rebate check in hand. Every person you have recommended to us have worked out wonderfully as well. 
We wish you all the success with the new selling-representation and look forward to selling & then buying our next apt with you. 
Will let you know how the renovation goes and do stop by when it's done. 
Ilya and Betty"

We are not trying to puff ourselves up. However we grow organically through the kind words of others...

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