Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful this day for all the blessings in my life and I want to thank all of you for helping make this dream of a Real Estate company come to fruition. The real estate brokerage business is not rocket science, so we strive to practice honesty, transparency and to provide a 'Four Seasons' level of customer service. It is a simple formula that has proven to be very effective and appreciated.

From my family to your family with gratitude, I want to wish you and your families all a happy Thanksgiving!



Monday, November 13, 2017

This is Where the Magic Happens

The Burkhardt Group Runs on GOOGLE

I know this is not the most flattering picture of my office/work station. However I am proud to say I am able work extremely efficiently with little more than a Chromebook, Pixel and a NEXUS 6P Phone via the GOOGLE Cloud.  We also utilize Dropbox and ADOBE PRO to Keep Things Neat and Tidy.

I may not have fancy office digs, however we pride ourselves on providing our clients with outstanding service and knowledgeable insights into NYC real estate.  Less is more.

(Christian and Norman prefer IOS)

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Friday, November 10, 2017

What a Great Team I Have! 48 Closed Deals Year to Date! (10 in contract)

Closed 2017

16 West 40th Street #16D Midtown West                       1 Bed/1 Bath
245 West 107th Street #11g Manhattan Valley       2 Bed/1.5 Bath

205 3rd avenue #21a Gramercy Park                      2 Bed/2 Bath

251 South 3rd Street #5B Brooklyn                           1 Bed/1 Bath

307 72nd Street #4D Brooklyn                               2 Bed/ 1 Bath

500 4th Avenue #9E Brooklyn                                2 Bed/2 Bath

309 East 49th Street #12E Turtle Bay                           1 Bed/ 1.5 Bath

333 4th Street #1D Brooklyn                                       1 Bed/1 Bath

487 Third Street #1 Brooklyn                                         2 Bed/1 Bath

55 Great Jones Street #5FL NoHo                       2 Bed/ 2 Bath

582 Henry Street #5 Brooklyn                                    2 Bed/1 Bath

85 Adams Street #10A Brooklyn                           2 Bed/ 2 Bath

171 Greene Avenue #2 Brooklyn                                    2 Bed/1 Bath

80 East End Avenue #11B Yorkville                                2 Bed/2 Bath

372 Central Park West #6P Upper West Side              2 Bed/2 Bath

73-12 35th Avenue #E41 Jackson Heights                    2 Bed/2 Bath

338 Berry Street #4C Brooklyn                                     2 Bed/2 Bath

460 East 79th Street #17E Upper East Side                3 Bed/3 Bath

200 East 24th St. #1609 Kips Bay                             1 Bed/1 Bath

50 Greenpoint Avenue #4A Brooklyn                          3 Bed/2 Bath

142 Bank Street #3A West Village                                2 Bed/1 Bath

420 West 23rd Street, Apt 4B Chelsea                       1 Bedroom/1 Bath

57 Reade Street #18F Tribeca                                    2 Bed/2 Bath

405 East 63rd Street #12A Upper East Side               Studio

301 East 87th #3E Yorkville                                       1 Bed/1 Bath

311 Degraw Street Brooklyn                                      Brownstone

14 Horatio #10c West Village                                      1 Bed/1 Bath

21-68 35th Street, Unit #2H Astoria                            3 Beds/1 Bath

166 East 92nd Street #1D Upper East Side                  Studio

135 Prospect Place West #22B Brooklyn                     Studio

160 East 38th #31E Murray Hill                                       2 Bed/ 2.5 Bath

333 East 14th Street #18L East Village                          1 Bed/1 Bath

380 Riverside Drive #6R & 6S Uppers West Side       3 Bed/2 Bath

329 Vanderbilt (House) Windsor Terrace                     7 Bed/3 Bath

160 East 38th #31E Murray Hill                                       2 Bed/ 2.5 Bath

3 Sheridan Square #4D W. Village                                 2 Bed/1 Bath

500 Waverly #4A Brooklyn                                            3 Bed/2 Bath

541 Leonard #A Brooklyn.                                             3 Bed/3 Bath

575 Main Street #207 Roosevelt Island                         2 Bed/2 Bath

5 Riverside Drive #10AB                                                  3 Bed/2.5 Bath

269 West 72nd Street #15D UWS                                  Studio

559 Carroll Street #PH Brooklyn                                    3 Bed/2 Bath

110 West 94th Street #4F UWS                                       1 Bed/1 Bath

454 11th Street #2R Brooklyn                                          1 Bed/1 Bath

225 Adams Street #6C (Brooklyn)                                   Studio

200 water Street #4A (Brooklyn)                                     3 Bed/2 Bath

211 East 3rd Street #1B East Village                                 2 Bed/1 Bath

200 23rd Street #PHA Brooklyn                                       4 Bed/3 Bath

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Newest Member of The Burkhardt Group!

Wasn't there a guy on MDLLA with a Beatle's haircut that carried his little dog around with him?

This is meant to be a slight distraction from the less than great news for New Yorkers regarding the new tax plan. Though the good news is you can file on a postcard 😁

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Accepted offer? You Now Have a Target on Your Back.

So you have been looking for a new home and bam! You make an offer and after some back and forth you get the email you have been waiting for; 'Your offer has been accepted!'

It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough that you should be mindful of your new status. I call it the law of attraction, that energized listing is now letting the universe know that it is loved, wanted! Or sometimes it may be Mr. Ego at play. You know that listing agent is still showing the property and now he has a little gas to throw on the pitch, "we have an accepted offer, however it is not signed yet". Whether you are working with a buyer agent or not the listing agent is not your friend :) Even if they are extremely cordial, they have a job to do; get the most money/best deal for the seller!

Nothing like telling a buyer that wants a particular home that someone beat him to it to get him/her all fired up. That said not all buyers fall into that trap, quite frankly our buyer pool usually would take a pass.

Guess i'm just saying if you have an accepted offer on a home that you love, it is in your best interest to make sure that things move along. I would never suggest skimping on due diligence, just make sure your team is keeping everything moving. Most of this will fall on your attorney however there are things your agent/broker cam assist with if for instance your attorney is having difficulty obtaining information. At this stage of the game it can be the managing agent that gums up the works. I understand they are over worked/under paid, but some of them just don't give a shi* (no nice way to say that) and it can cost you your home. If you see early on that the MA is MIA then get on the phone with the listing agent and get the seller involved. Managing agents pay little attention to buyer agents, but the seller (who pays them) will be able to get their attention.

The classic managing agent hang up; getting the questionnaire answered and returned.  There are maybe 10 or 15 questions on this thing but it can be like pulling teeth on a lion to get it back in a timely manner in some cases. The best part, is after all the bs you get back a paper with a bunch of chicken scratch on it, lol. We have had frustrated clients get involved trying to have this sacred document emailed or faxed over to us. When after 5+ days it finally comes through and it looks like it was written by your doctor, they just have to laugh.

We understand that there is so much on the line emotionally for a buyer at this point and your deal hinges on getting simple questionnaire returned! God forbid that you forget to pay the $150 fee to get such a document, now you are really screwed!

There are some amazing managing agents in the city, if you happen to run into one, send flowers etc!! To paraphrase the radio host of an automotive talk show: "A good mechanic (insert managing agent) isn't expensive, they're priceless."