Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And We Are Off.....!

So like a lot of you I sort of took some time off, essentially the last two weeks of August. We were actually pretty busy considering, but not anywhere near our normal pace of biz. Of course that last week leading up to Labor Day is just dead, gladly so! But then after all the barbecuing is finished, I start to wonder when things will pick back up to the frantic pace we are used to. Well that did not take long, we are currently slammed, today for instance we have appointments on the hour until about 7 pm. Ahhh, good to be back on track!?  So off to the races, trying to figure out just when this rabid sellers market will ebb and give our buyers a break.

The good news at least for a handful of our clients, there seems to be a bit more inventory, we are showing clients 3 new town homes in Brooklyn on Sunday, I don't think we showed them as many over the past 3 months! Also we submitted 4 offers this week on behalf of our wonderful clients and we have 4 accepted, not too shabby. We'll celebrate when they are signed, still, very good news for our team.

Just a quick post summer update from The Burkhardt Group.

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