Monday, January 31, 2011

What I Do and why I'm Doing It

Some of you may have read the piece in the New York Times about real estate brokerage commissions and yes moi was mentioned (it also featured a nice photo and interview with some of my actual clients).

Why: I have no intentions or delusions that The Burkhardt Group will shut down the big players in the biz, nor do I want to. Without them, what would we be? What I want to do is offer the consumer an alternative way to buy and sell real estate, simple as that. I want it to be effective, easy to understand and above all make sense for anyone that is buying or selling real estate.

 I don't offer cut rate service, I do offer a complete service set to assist you in making a good decision about the property you want to buy. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of the property,understanding the price history in the building. An opinion about the neighborhood you plan to purchase in along with my opinion about the building, location of the apartment in the building, layout and condition. Condition is an often overlooked aspect of the price evaluation but needs serious attention and must be figured into the ultimate final price you are willing to pay. I also think it is crucial to balance this empirical evaluation with the emotional component of buying. You would be surprised how many buyers(hardcore reals estate quant types) I work with who throw common sense out the window, when the apartment they want suddenly slips from their hands! That firm ceiling you suddenly set can get shattered when emotions and ego crowd out reason, I have no emotional attachment to your home, I may have "commission attachment", but believe me I keep that in check. lol.......

Currently I am just representing buyers, but I do have what I believe to be an effective way to list your property (more importantly sell it !) which I will begin offering in the coming weeks. I just need to make some structural changes to my business model that will let me accommodate sellers effectively. I have sold a few properties with this model and now understand what needs to be tweaked to make it work like a Swiss watch!  I will be offering a few plans for those looking for a full listing experience as well as those who want to go the FSBO route. I only want to offer services that I know work, not just gimmicks to sign people up, it must be as effective as anything else available in the market. Feel free to call me to discuss your apartment.

You will never hear me using negative attacks on the (traditional) industry to bolster my own business, I prefer to simply tell you what I can offer you. I simply am offering you an alternative way to buy and sell real estate in NYC. Capitalism depends on free markets and the more choices that consumers have, the better it is for the consumer and ultimately the market place. I do believe the real estate industry has become quite static and could benefit by a good kick in the pants. The times are changing, technology is opening up doors to make doing business more transparent and efficient; with this efficiency old business models need to change.

So take a look around our website as there is some pretty clear information about what I can offer you and always feel free to call me to discuss your real estate needs or just to pick my brain on something.

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