Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Score Card to Date

Over $18 Million dollars in transactions so far 2011.

Clients often ask how I'm doing. Well here are the stats year to date, I think I'm doing pretty well considering 100% of my business is referral with zero paid advertising. There certainly is a strong desire from buyers who for a model that not only offers them knowledgeable assistance but also financial compensation for their participation.

It has been a great year thus far. I have met and worked with some really wonderful people and want to thank them all for making what I am doing both a personal and financial success! We have rebated over $325,000 dollars as of today and this does not include two recent signed contracts as well as 4 accepted offers with contracts out!

I did not forget that it is only August and I am looking forward to a productive fall and winter and the opportunity to meet and work with more NYC home seekers.

771 West End Avenue 3 bedroom Contract signed Closed!
2 Charlton Street Studio Contract signed  Closed!
31 east 10th Street Two Bedroom Contract signed Closed
148 East 24th One bedroom Contract signed
579 west 215th Two bedroom Contract signed Closed
126 East 16th Street Two Bedroom Contract signed
297 6th Avenue Brooklyn Contract signed
34 North 7th Street Brooklyn 2 Bedroom Contract signed
37 Bridge Street Brooklyn 2 Bedroom Contract signed
301 East 48th Street Studio Contract signed

Most Recently Sold Apartments 2011:
105 E. 38 jr.4
392 CPW
35 East 12th Loft
77 Bleecker Street 1 Bedroom
382 CPW 2 Bedroom
245 7th Avenue Loft
115 Lexington Ave. (Brooklyn) 2 Bedroom
17 Chittenden 1 Bedroom
280 Park Avenue South 2 Bedroom
180 West End 2 Bedroom
75 Henry Street Brooklyn 1 Bedroom


Anonymous said...

umm. whatever, Keith - don't even try to forget me like that

add to the list:
245 7th Avenue.

Keith Burkhardt said...

MC's there, I would not forget you!