Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh No He Didn't Say That...

I find it truly interesting when a listing broker (sellers agent) tells a client (especially one of my clients!), "Why are you using a broker, you don't need one-I'll assist you". I wonder if this is what they tell their own buy-side customers? Lol. Agency disclosure is a wonderful thing. The vast majority of brokers I deal with are awesome, professional and honest. But there are a few rotten apples out there, be wary of these types they only have their own interests in mind; not the seller or buyer. That said you certainly don't need a broker to transact, of course you know how I feel about this (just read through my blog). But you need to decide that on your own for your own case specific reasons. The Burkhardt Group is here to provide you with an alternative brokerage model that may (or may not) suit your taste. Having choices is a good thing.

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