Monday, January 30, 2012

This is How We Do It...


It was great working with you throughout the process and having Christian at the closing.  Thank you very much for the service.  We're slowly getting settled in at the new place...the view of Manhattan is amazing.

Thanks again and we'll be sure to recommend the service to others.

Matt and Kathy

We love happy, satisfied clients! I am not a salesman, our model is for people who are on-line doing there own research (which quite frankly is a breeze these days). So I'm never selling, more like a consultant that looks at the property you want to purchase and gives you my opinion on value, pros and cons and helps develop and implement a bidding strategy. In truth my relationship and interaction with my clients can get much more involved than that. Why? Because very quickly even the most jaded client realizes I don't have an agenda different from their own. I'm not trying to sell them something; I'm just offering them my opinion along with additional buying power. This is how we do it...

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