Sunday, April 29, 2012

Who are our Clients? People are Asking...

I created this company to service a neglected segment of the market: the unrepresented buyer. The typical client I work with has been looking on their own up until the point they were referred to me. Some are very enthusiastic right out of the gate after hearing about what I have to offer and how we will work together. Others start off more guarded, suspicious of my actual intentions. These are people who, generally speaking, have little trust for the industry at large. I enjoy working with both equally. For the latter, they quickly realize working with me and my team is going to be a much different experience than they are used to or had envisioned. One big difference is that I don't "sell" property. What exactly does this mean? Simply stated, I get involved after you have identified a property you are interested in on your own.We start when you send me a link to that listing. Before I ask what you would like to pay or what you think, I provide you with an analysis of the home. This includes the pros, cons and a value expressed in a range based on the financial and emotional components of the deal. Another big component of my model: there is never any time pressure. You can send me listings for two years (and some have!) before pulling the trigger. A big reason for this is we spend zero time looking for apartments for you and about 70% less time physically showing you properties.

 That said, you are not alone. Clients regularly email or call me with questions. I must also stress that it is very important to let us schedule all non-public open house appointments and someone from my team will accompany our client to the viewing. Again, this will be a different experience since we will only comment on a property if asked for our opinion. We are not there to "sell you". Of course, if we see a glaring negative we will objectively point it out to you! It is also important to let us handle all communications with the listing broker but keep in mind you are copied on all emails. You would be surprised at how many listing brokers are happy to have us represent clients that are interested in their properties (occasionally even when we come to the table late in the game). Why? Like I said, our clients are savvy and are not looking to be "sold". So when they go up against a listing broker-who is representing the best interests of the seller-who also had strong input into pricing the property, let's just say it can get a little touchy and not conducive to a smooth, effective negotiation. They have enough worries dealing with the seller's expectations, let alone a buyer's!

 Under our model we really work as a team throughout the entire process. You as the buyer are always in the loop and nothing is said or done without you knowing it and authorizing it. You will be privy to every email and phone call.We work together from the initial draft of an offer through to the negotiations. We will skillfully assist you with the co-op/condo application. Christian Bari, my associate, has been highly complimented by some of New York's top brokers for his fastidious preparation of board packages. We also pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with the listing side. We work closely with them during the preparation of the board application and will often include them in emails as we work with you to create a picture that will put you in the best light before the board. No egos here!

 We look forward to speaking with you about your next purchase. Please also feel free to contact me with any questions about your current real estate situation, even if you are not looking for representation.

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