Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Testimonials: What our Clients are Saying 2012


Doug and Tracie
""We worked with The Burkhardt Group to buy our first apartment. Keith and Christian made the process smooth and even fun -- we couldn't imagine working with better, more professional agents. We could not recommend them more highly."

Doug and Tracie"
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Joe and Maria
""Christian, thanks for your immense help. Joe touted your resourcefulness during yesterday's walk through. You have been a pleasure to deal with.
Keith, your model deserves praise. We get a check and didn't experience a degradation in service level. The dedication and guidance was all well placed and helpful. Much further success to your firm.""
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E.L. and J.L
""Just wanted to add my heartfelt thanks as well. It's funny because before you guys, we were dealing with a very nice and well-known broker, but they were completely unresponsive. At times, they didn't call us back for over a week at which point we decided to find someone else. Then I remembered reading about your company in the NY Times and thought, "why don't we just call and see what the deal is?" I have to say we are extremely happy with how everything worked out. Keith, your honest insight, guidance and thoughts throughout made the entire process pretty painless - in fact, it was easy and almost fun. :)

One thing I wanted to share was we were a little surprised at how happy the seller seemed to be. Even though he's selling at a loss, he seemed eager to move forward and was very pleasant. XXXXXX and I felt a little bad about the price and were worried he would be upset, especially considering where others are listing their units etc. But I think it turned out to be a win-win situation for everyone, which is great.

I think the business model you guys have set up is quite unique and we really enjoyed working with you both. We wish you guys all the best and hope we can do business again in the future. I'm totally telling all my friends if they want to buy a place, you should be their first call. Take care

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Philippe and Vilay
"Hello all,

Just an email to thank all of you for making our purchase smooth and quick - so much so that I still don't really realize that we done it.
I was expecting lots of troubles and stress (the kind of stress I hate) and finally... not the case, quite the contrary! The negotiation was quick and efficient and none of our (many) questions after were left unanswered.

Anyway thanks again, we really appreciated it.

Vilay and Philippe
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Maureen B.
"" Keith Burkhardt does rebate from 50% to 67%, depending on price of property. I closed yesterday and received my check. He was super knowledgeable, efficient and really easy to work with. His team priced out property, negotiated, put together board package, did walk-through inspection before closing and sat at closing table with me. In fact the seller's broker complemented his firm for their work, and made specific note of the board package.""
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Melissa and Sean
"Thanks Keith. We truly appreciate everything. You've been a gem of a broker -- supportive and honest without being suggestive or pushy. A rarity in NYC! Please let us know when you are in town, we'd love to meet.
All the best,
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"Just recently closed a transaction with the Burkhardt group's assistance and want to mention it was absolutely stellar. The service was extremely helpful from arranging to view apartments, presenting/negotiating offers, walk-thrus, closing, and in general for advice and other followups.

Highly recommend A+"
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Matt and Kathy

It was great working with you throughout the process and having Christian at the closing. Thank you very much for the service. We're slowly getting settled in at the new place...the view of Manhattan is amazing.

Thanks again and we'll be sure to recommend the service to others.

Matt and Kathy

On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 8:20 AM, Keith Burkhardt
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Marc & Michael
"Hi Keith.
And thanks for all of your help and insight in this process. When you and I first spoke on the phone in the spring, you described a process that sounded perfect for us -- and it turned out to be just that! It really was a pleasure getting to work with you. I indeed look forward to more opportunities, whether at our other closing, or sometime very soon.
Thanks for everything!
Warm regards,


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