Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why do Buyers Come to us after Going it Alone?

Our business model was set up to facilitate the needs of the lone wolf buyers out in the market who are distrustful of the process, yet ultimately have to deal with a broker...the listing agent. Going out and viewing apartments at open houses is the easy part but when you find a home you would like to purchase, things can get tricky. You now have to deal directly with the listing agent-who priced the property, can provide you with no critical information and is representing the best interests of the seller. Of course our model also provides for commission rebates which is often the tipping point that makes deals happen, both financially and emotionally. But rebates are not enough. Quality, objective, honest guidance is what ultimately keeps our clients happy, just read our testimonials. A buyer recently came to me after a property he liked attracted multiple bidders. When he suggested to the listing agent that he would like to bring in his own broker the listing agent replied, "Why? I can guide you."
Really? Guide you where...higher?

In theory or on a discussion board, not having your own broker seems very plausible. But when you find the home you want and a few other buyers want it as well, relying on the seller's exclusive broker to guide you can be ineffective. How can they offer you objective advice when their mission statement is to get the seller the highest possible price for their property? My advice is stop listening to the folks who distrust brokers and do some serious research to find a buyer's broker you can trust, who is competent and can assist you in a meaningful way. Yes, they are out there!

I created a business model that gives you an edge. Some of my contemporaries give a portion of their commission to the firm they work for while I give a portion of the commission I earn back to my buyer clients. I AM the firm so I can do this efficiently and quite effectively. I was also a successful broker for 20 years and worked in a traditional setting until I listened to the growing number of clients that were not happy with the status quo. And so I created The Burkhardt Group. On what planet could someone find fault with this? It benefits the buyer, who I am working for and I am a buyer's-broker. It is not everyone's cup of tea, just like Turbo Tax, E-Trade or booking your own holiday is not for everyone. But don't you think the marketplace is better for having these alternatives? Do listing agents care how I do business? Some may fear change, but successful listing agents know they have nothing to fear from my business model. They are the direct recipient of an effective, efficient transaction and often comment on how smooth the transaction went and how happy the buyers were. Bottom line: we sell apartments and listing agents want to sell apartments.

As I have said many times you absolutely don't need a broker to buy or sell real estate in NYC. But in my opinion, when you can find the right broker to work with, you are far better off.

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