Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bottom-line About Our Company: We Put Our Clients Highest and Best Interests First!

Like I always say on here or other forums, the majority of real estate agents/brokers are sincere, honest people who take their clients needs seriously and put them above their commission. But there are always exceptions, agents who put their own petty feelings and commission above all else.

 I have been contacted by the NYS Attorney Generals Office twice (yes they called me). They like what we are doing and they want to make sure that no one is interfering with our ability to do business with a model they believe benefits the consumer. We always work fairly with all parties; sellers, brokers etc, that is our nature. We have received complements from some of the top real estate brokers/teams in NYC!  It always surprise's me when an agent from a large "white shoe" type firm behaves with total disregard for their own clients best interests as well as for the desire of the buyer. It does not mean a thing who you work for or what organizations you belong to.....We strive to do the right thing, because it's right.

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