Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do or Die Bed-Stuy? Re - thinking a neighborhood.

Spike Lee brought Bedford Stuyvesant to the masses with Crooklyn. Today things are changing as New Yorkers are faced with an unruly market, soaring prices they must consider new neighborhoods.  Bedford Stuyvesant, Bushwick,  Crown Heights, Gowanus are a few that have seen an influx of new residents. Neighborhoods like Williamsburg,  Fort Greene and Clinton Hill have successfully integrated the old and new residents, improving quality of life and adding significant value to long time home owners. Certainly not everyone welcomed these changes as they felt some people were unable to afford to live in a community they grew up in or were priced out of basic services.

I personally lived in Fort Greene as it was transitioning from a rough and tumble neighborhood,  to a place that attracted new businesses and residents.  Today Fort Greene is  a thriving,  established diverse community.  I moved to the East Village in 1981, now that's another story.....but we all see how that neighborhood has changed!

Anyway here is an interesting article on Bedford Stuyvesant from The New York Times. We have assisted a few buyer's with their purchase of a Brownstone in Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights and continue to work with many others as they seek out their ideal home.

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