Thursday, November 20, 2014

Million Dollar Listing.....Bravo!

Just a quick post, I know many people enjoy getting a glimpse into the wonderfully crazy world of NYC real estate and tune into Bravo to watch Fredrik Eklund and company do their thing. We had the pleasure to work with Fredrik, John and company on another deal, this time at 290 West Street an absolutely fabulous new project they are part of.

I can only imagine how busy Fredrik must be, yet once the offer process begins he is on it like it's the only deal in the world. I received an email from him about two minutes after our initial offer was submitted "This offer is rejected", lol I felt like I was on the show! By the end of the day we had come to terms and Mr. Eklund continued to follow up on the progress of the contract via emails and texts.

 His business partner John Gomes is also a pleasure to work with, personally arranged for my clients to have a meeting with the buildings design team. I first met John well over 10 years ago, i'm sure he doesn't remember, however his client purchased a small one bedroom in a little co-op on Thompson street that I had listed. He looked great, the guy has style and treated his client like she was buying a million dollar home instead of a 500 square foot one bedroom that needed a bit of work...a total class act.

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