Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yes, We Love Our Clients! And Happy to Say...They Love Us Back!

"Keith, Christian and Lance,

Thank you for guidance and support during our home search. We're delighted to be moving to 388 Bridge and are looking forward to living high above Downtown Brooklyn! The Burkhardt Team never let us down during our search and was always ready to make a call, send an email or meet us a property (sometimes more than once!) We were impressed by everyone's work, and are particularly happy that we had the chance to work with Christian the last several months. His calm, professional and friendly manner helped us always feel like were in good hands.

We hope to work with the team again in the future....just not in the too near future! We'd like to settle in to this place for a couple of years before scratching our itch to move to the next place! :-)

Take care, and best wishes for a successful 2015!

Tom and David"

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