Sunday, November 22, 2015

If You Plan to Engage Us (or anyone) Do it Now

Over the years we have completed a lot of deals, worked with all kinds of buyers. In the beginning many of our clients were very suspicious of what we were doing. Meaning were we just a front for doing things the same old way; just a marketing ploy to get them signed up. Today about 70% of our clients are direct referrals from former clients. They come to us via a trusted friend or colleague, so they arrive more inquisitive than suspicious. I remember one client telling me they had a office pool going on whether I would really deliver the rebate check to them (it was 6 figures), lol. Another was an attorney that thought we would never do it, made a big stink at the closing, embarrassed even his client! Lol. Of course we had a nice card and their check with us.

In my opinion there is no quantifiable reason to not have your own representation (of course I would say that). The trick is finding the right agent/broker , a team player that will assist you in the purchase, not just assist themselves in securing a commission check! What does such an agent provide? A careful analysis of the property, prompt responses to your questions, willingness to provide complete transparency so you always are looped in. Back up their recommendations with data and experienced insight. There is also a benefit to having a broker with a solid team behind them; this includes bankers, attorney's, contractors, architects and building engineers.

Probably not great blog form here! My original point is that you should engage your agent/broker sooner than later. It can muddy the waters if you are too far along with a listing agent on your own. Most agents love/prefer working with buyers that have their own representation. It is difficult to balance the responsibility to the seller and provide a buyer with proactive, unbiased representation. Assembling the right team will far outweigh any benefit to working on your own,

Call me for a full explanation of what we offer and how we work with clients.


Keith Burkhardt

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