Monday, November 2, 2015

What I Mean When I Say " I Really Love an Apartment"

Sometimes, even after almost 9 years of running The Burkhardt Group even I get a bit weirded out when I think about how we operate. But in that same uneasy moment I suddenly feel very calm...because it works so well and makes a lot of sense! One of the things that (mostly other agents) don't understand is why they very rarely meet me at showings. The answer is because I am not needed there, my energy and time is better spent at my Chromebook working on the important aspects of a deal. That said I do have Christian and Lance out in the field who along with the client can report on a physical inspection of a property.

This aspect of how we work unexpectedly became a driver of our business. By being available to react immediately to any issue that may arise during the deal process we have become extremely efficient at processing a deal from showing to closing. The net result being a significant increase in successful outcomes. I am a broker that does not consider myself to be a salesperson and no part of our process involves selling you. We build a picture of the property; from valuation, condition and location. We look for red flags that will limit the future buyer pool when it is time to sell again, then we present this to our client. In all honestly we don't care if you agree or not and I mean that in the nicest way!  We are then happy to discuss our opinion, especially if it does not align with the clients to better understand each other, perhaps even learn from each other...

So the other day when an agent reacted to me when I said that I loved the apartment by saying "but you haven't even seen it!"  I thought to myself, that's right we work from different models and what we do is different from what you do. Some people have a hard time understanding new things and essentially very little has changed in real estate since the days when I worked at JI Sopher and listings came through on a fax and were pinned to a cork covered wall in the "listing room". Of course the i-pad has replaced the cork, however the structure is basically the same. What I liked was the valuation, the flow of the lay-out, the top tier location along with the light and the views. As far as the warm fuzzy feeling you may get when you find "the one", that's not my job, lol.

Of course we also are available for on-site inspections of properties. Christian Bari who has been my right hand man for close to 4 years can offer a lot of insight. This can be especially handy on a townhouse visit, which should always be followed up with a professional inspection. For most purchases we don't recommend an inspection, but if it will make you sleep better we will certainly assist with arranging one.

At the end of the day we have simply improved upon the proverbial mouse trap. Feel free to call me for all the details on how and why our model works.

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