Friday, March 31, 2017

We Were Compared to Priceline??

I think we have all been there, the sort of uneasy feeling you get when you whip out that yelp coupon at a restaurant for the 'free entree'. Or in this example you purchased your hotel room at a deep discount via Priceline.

I always enjoy waxing poetic on our business model, to me and many others it makes a great deal of sense. It is about creating an alternative vehicle for transacting in real estate for a particular sub-set of buyers. I compare it to the effect that technology had on the travel business, financial services and even buying diamonds. Competition fueled by a desire to evolve.

To get back to the subject of this blog, I politely disagreed with this perspective client. When you use a service like Priceline the end user is feeling the pinch to their bottom-line for that particular transaction (though they should not be complaining. They signed up to participate and it filled an otherwise empty room).

With our business model I absorb the discount while the seller and listing agent all benefit without it reducing the sale price or commission. In fact the seller and agent benefit in two big ways; a happy buyer that is feeling very good about the transaction and the seller is potentially earning more from the sale as the additional grease to get the deal done is coming from me. And we cannot discount the important fact that our clients are very happy campers transacting with a business model they feel was designed for them. This is very key, this is a great byproduct of our model, very satisfied clients that work in partnership with us under 100% transparent conditions.

I created our proprietary business model based on all the negative comments I have heard over the years or read on the Streeteasy forum regarding the process of buying and selling real estate. We essentially did the opposite and gave buyers (and now sellers) exactly what they want. And after I speak with a new client for the first time, that is exactly what I hear.

The proof is in our success, over 50 transactions in 2016! And take a look at our testimonials.

Keith Burkhardt

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