Thursday, March 16, 2017

You Asked For It: New Listing Model for 2017.

The brokerage business has evolved, both buyers and sellers want more options. When I started The Burkhardt Group over 9 years ago with a focus on buyers, many said it would never work. Last year we closed $80,000,000+ in sales.  This service will be geared towards those sellers that have homes that more or less sell themselves. Where there is not a need for a large firm and its vast marketing reach and finances. 

Listing Service Proposal

Primarily, we are looking for those homes that seem to ‘sell themselves’. If a listing hits the market with multiple bids after the first open house, this is a function of the market, not the listing agents. We want to offer owners of such homes an appropriate brokerage model that accounts for this dynamic and offers an appropriate commission structure.

We will be selectively curating the homes we decide to list and providing you with an accurate valuation along with a strategy that will guarantee a successful and efficient transaction. If you believe you have such a home, please call me to discuss and I will gladly explain why ‘who you list with is’ is just a matter of subjective preference. While receiving multiple offers after an open house can be satisfying, the sobering reality of the considerable transaction cost can most definitely suffocate the elation!

To help remedy that, our basic listing formula has been developed as follows:
3.75% commission, 2.5% to buyer agent (includes us representing a buyer). Direct deals 2% (no buyers agent). Professional photos are provided and the seller pays for floor plans if needed. Exclusive agreements can be cancelled at any time and past clients aren’t protected in the event of a cancellation. This is for full service representation.

Additionally, the following services and amenities are provided:

1)  In-depth valuation report.
2) Detailed feedback on showings.
3) Assistance with staging.
4) Email blast to all REBNY brokers with setup sheet and link to listing pages.
5) A pragmatic selling strategy that ranges from starting listings at market price to slightly soft in order to immediately attract buyers and fuel more frenetic bidding.
6) Three open houses for the first week: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday.
7) Listed in RLS, Streeteasy, Zillow and Trulia.

But most importantly, we will never give you any bull. Instead, we always offer straight talk on what's happening.

In Summary

Remember that 95% of the selling comes from the buyer’s agent; what does the listing agent do? Call me for a detailed explanation of how the brokerage business functions and why correct pricing and current market conditions are 90% responsible for an efficient transaction.  

We revolutionized the buy-side experience, adding value in dollars and sense. We are now ready to do the same with the listing experience.

Keith Burkhardt


Real estate commissions cannot be fixed and are always negotiable.

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