Saturday, May 6, 2017

There is No Advantage to Working Without Your Own Broker!

Yet again I receive a call from a disgruntled buyer who thought they would have an advantage by working directly with listing agents. Guess what? They found out the hard way there is ZERO advantage, actually most brokers/agents bully direct buyers. Especially​ when you try and use the fact you're unrepresented as leverage, tell the agent they should earn less so you can get a discount; see how that works out for you.

I certainly understand if you want to work alone as a preference, though you're not truly alone as you'll be working with the listing agent.  The case I reference above, the buyer needed to close the gap on bid/ask, she realized with us she could ($22k rebate). If we're involved the deal gets done. Instead she annoyed the agent asking for a reduction, challenging the valuation and insisting on a discount because they didn't have their own representation. Remember the listing agent works for the seller, helped price the home.  Listing agents and sellers are especially emboldened in this strong sellers market.

When we get involved it's a win-win for everyone, seller gets a deal done with a happy buyer, listing agent gets the deal done with a happy buyer and neither has to dig into their pocket to get the deal done. We have a model that allows us to reduce our commission and still offer a full service, 100% transparent experience. Please read our testimonials, look at the variety of transactions we have completed.

So, you want to fly solo by all means go for it. Quite honestly you do not need a buyer broker to purchase a home in NYC. But know that you will not receive preferential treatment or a discount.

Please feel free to call me to discuss the experience we can offer you.


Keith Burkhardt

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