Friday, June 23, 2017

Many Thanks to Our Wonderful Clients! #188 Agent Wall Street Journal/Realtrends!

It has been quite a journey. When I first conceived of the Burkhardt Group I was met with many naysayers and skeptics who thought it would never work in NYC.  That you could not operate a 'buy-side' brokerage and last, only listing agents succeeded over the long term.

The problem with that hypothesis is there was never a buy-side focused company that was tailor made for buyers and their specific needs. I also focused on all the complaints I received from buyers or read on those early Streeteasy forums. I tackled each one and made changes until I hit on a model that worked seamlessly and addressed these shortcomings. 

We have seen quantum leaps in financial services, transportation services, shopping (Amazon) and travel services that have made it easier and more cost effective to transact. I brought that concept to real estate. 

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