Friday, January 26, 2018

We Are This Future

I had an idea about the future of real estate and how buyers and sellers would transact in the future. But it wasn't about making it agent centric, it was about making it consumer-centric.

Meaning, partnering with your client to form a strong united team. And then empowering your client with all the data and information that you have. The name of the game, 100% transparency.

And because of this amazing new way to work and through the wonders of current technology, you can give your client Financial incentive to partner with you as well. In essence they share in the excess that is generated through this model of working.

So when I broke off from the brokerage firm as suggested by Mr Reffkin, I reallocated funds to our clients through commission rebates and reduced listing fees.

The client has to be King or Queen.


Keith Burkhardt

Robert Reffkin 8 Trends to Expect by 2028 no

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