Sunday, July 15, 2018

Happy Clients, Happy Brokers

Another absolutely wonderful client!

There are some recent streeteasy threads with a few commenters approaching the purchase of a home like they would a stock. If catastrophe strikes the marketplace for both stocks and real estate will suffer. and both will come back as sure as the sun will rise. However at least with your home, you can live there and continue to enjoy it as you wait for the market to recover.

I'm not saying to be foolish. But when I hear somebody say they wouldn't Buy a particular home because they think the tax abatement will have negative consequences once it expires, it makes me think. I've always thought of a home purchase as at least 50% emotional. It's a very personal thing and I want to fall in love with a place at some level that I'm buying.

So find a home that you can comfortably afford, customize it, enjoy it. We all work very, very hard, we should come back to a home where we can feel happy and secure. And then after 8 or 10 years let's see how things turn out financially. And if you don't agree... the rent option is plentiful.

"Dear Keith, Christian, and Norman,

Thanks so very much to you all for your help throughout the process! I feel incredibly lucky to have fallen into working with you--you made the process as easy and streamlined as it possibly could have been! I appreciate just how much you did for me, going above and beyond with your recommendations for all the various people who helped make the purchase happen, and even going and doing the walk through with the inspector for me on that snowy day in March. I'll certainly recommend you far and wide, to anyone looking for an agent!

All best,

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