Sunday, March 27, 2011

Atlantic City or Miami?

I took my wife to see Janet Jackson last Friday at the Borgata, which had no rooms available. Like a lot of people these days we are also watching what we spend. So on I found a room at a pretty good price at Harrah's. I had never been there before, frankly this is only my second trip to a casino. I figured if you are going to AC, you want to be in a big cheesy casino hotel and this seemed to fit the bill.

First of all, Janet rocked! But what I didn't know was that Harrah's had this amazing atrium filled with palm trees, a big pool and Florida like weather; all while it was 32 degrees outside. So although Atlantic City is a weird brew of contradictions and at times more depressing than glamorous, it can provide a fun and easy escape from a harsh winter to a small "tropical"setting.

We had a great time and my wife even won $254 dollars on the Wheel of Fortune slots! That's $190 net after original stake. Nice. So if the cold weather is getting you down, a show in AC and a stay at Harrah's might not be as bad as it sounds (even to a fabulous New Yorker :) Blogged via Android G2

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