Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I think about balance I think about being in harmony with the universe, balance is everything, all the time. In my life it means staying in time with everything I am trying to accomplish. For me staying centered with my energy helps get things done, when I'm too up or to down, the results are never ideal. When we get out of balance we usually don't feel well, stress sets in maybe depression or illness. The body will always seek balance (homeostasis) and usually with time it can right itself, though there are many things we can do to speed recovery and get back on track.

Things like acupuncture,yoga,chiropractics, sitting meditation,kinesiology, sacral cranial work, exercise or a change of diet are just some of the things we can do to help ourselves heal. Some of the above are not recognized as "legitimate" practices by many in the traditional fields of science. But there are some quantum physicists who are changing the way we look at ourselves, much as they changed the way we understand life. Some of these new discoveries are helping us to understand how these holistic practices actually help us heal, beyond all the anecdotal evidence that is available.

Just think, we are made up of 100 trillion cells according to some scientists and each one has intelligence built in. Pretty amazing, and if we can manipulate all that collective energy and channel our intentions; anything could be possible.

In my life as a real estate broker I try and help people make balanced decisions when purchasing a home. Life in NYC is quite hectic and the real estate market is like a mine field of stress, from high purchase prices to dealing with a co-op board interview. We spend a lot of time at home, it's the place we will hopefully make great memories with friends and family. You want to find a place that resonates with you on an emotional level and a place that you can manage financially so as not to add any additional stress to your life.

So try to find balance in your life, it's more than a new age cliche, it's a place worth seeking that will enhance your entire life experience.

*This is part of an exercise I'm doing, simply picking a word and writing about it.

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