Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting for the man...While drinking Chai and listening to ELO

Just hanging at Think Coffee (Mercer Street)waiting for a client whom I am showing a loft to on Bond street. I love bond Street. Kind of weird, never been in here before, however the space is the first office I worked in at a RE company called "JI Sopher", total boiler room kind of experience, I mean that in a fun way, this was in 1989. Total NYU scene here, but good coffee, well in my case a Chai Latte.

The Chai has me feeling pretty good, yet even better they are playing ELO...the whole album! The planets are aligning for me today, after Bond street I have a closing, a two bedroom I sold at 280 Park Avenue South, really nice folks.

Anyway this is just me blah blah blogging away the time, first time ever using a Web Cam to take a photo, so thats kind of big. I love firsts, I love and appreciate firsts, heres to firsts and many more to come!

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