Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From Two Wonderful Buyers!

"Just wanted to add my heartfelt thanks as well. It's funny because before you guys, we were dealing with a very nice and well-known broker, but they were completely unresponsive.  At times, they didn't call us back for over a week at which point we decided to find someone else. Then I remembered reading about your company in the NY Times and thought, "why don't we just call and see what the deal is?"  I have to say we are extremely happy with how everything worked out.  Keith, your honest insight, guidance and thoughts throughout made the entire process pretty painless - in fact, it was easy and almost fun. :)

One thing I wanted to share was we were a little surprised at how happy the seller seemed to be.  Even though he's selling at a loss, he seemed eager to move forward and was very pleasant. XXXXXX and I felt a little bad about the price and were worried he would be upset, especially considering where others are listing their units etc.  But I think it turned out to be a win-win situation for everyone, which is great.  

I think the business model you guys have set up is quite unique and we really enjoyed working with you both. We wish you guys all the best and hope we can do business again in the future. I'm totally telling all my friends if they want to buy a place, you should be their first call. Take care


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