Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Smiths Famously Said : "How Soon is Now?"

"Keith, Christian and Lance,

Thank you for all the help with our search and the purchase process. With the market being so crazy it took a long time but we did finally make it! Losing almost 10-11 bids to all-cash offers over 1.5 years we were so disheartened that when we found this place on streeteasy we were wondering if it would be even worth going to the first open house. But I am glad we did :)

Seeing the rebate check after spending so much money felt really nice. Thank you! 

We also want to invite you guys to come over to the apartment for a house warming party in a few months once we get done with all the renovations. (We'll send out the the actual invites later)

Thank you!

Chandini, Pratik, Eva and Arya"

We simply strive to provide our clients with the absolute best level of service; knowledge based with a heaping teaspoon of integrity. Our clients highest and best needs ALWAYS come first and we deal in honestly and fairness with all other parties involved.

We have created a business model based on the information available to all buyers with a keen focus on total transparency throughout the process. As we always state we feel we are not the only way to transact real estate, however we are a much sought after platform for many buyers. We have quite a fan base on line, my blog receives close to 1000 unique visits a month.  The same sort of buyers that shops for diamonds at, trades stocks at or buys their airline tickets via Our model fully exploits the internet, current technology and the availabilty of what was once hard to find information. 

Even a high ranking attorney that interviewed me from the NYS Attorney Generals Office said "If  I were to ever purchase real estate again in NYC, I would certainly use you". 

I love real estate and look forward to meeting new clients and interacting with the rest of the NYC brokerage community. 

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