Saturday, January 9, 2016

This Testimonial Blew Our Minds!

Just more proof that what we offer is not limited service, discounted or in anyway less effective. We just work differently; disruptive by design and built on a platform of integrity. Whether you are purchasing a $400,000 studio or a $10,000,000 penthouse, we will provide you with a rewarding, efficient, knowledgeable and 100% transparent experience.

"Thank you Keith. In a process that was filled with frustrating variables caused by several parties, I am happy to say that each of you guys were a positive constant. You were quick to respond at all hours (xxx and I remarked more than once that your availability and responsiveness reminded us of...well, us), Christian was very thorough with the board package, the walk through and ongoing advice, and Christian and Lance were always available throughout the summer when we needed an escort to visit certain apartments.

I told Christian the other day that in our view your business model is a welcome disruption to the traditional NY RE paradigm. In the internet age, the barriers to discovery of inventory that the large brokerage houses were able to erect that forced a buyer to use them no longer exist in any meaningful way (i remember those barriers were still a problem when i bought my old place back in 2005). And for people like XXXXX and I that amassed our capital by being intelligent in the first place—well, we would only ever deploy it in a way that is also intelligent. So there is therefore NO way we would move forward on the biggest financial decision of our lives (bigger than all others COMBINED) without doing full independent diligence.  Therefore, the traditional model makes absolutely no sense for people like us relative to yours. I’m, going to forego a 2% return for the “benefit” of having some junior broker of a large firm that has been in the business for six months pound the pavement with us as we trapise around the city offering advice that one could find on page 1 of a Real Estate 101 pamphlet, and the additional “benefit” of having some large firm offer to find inventory that I know I am going to find myself? Please—its  a no brainer.

To echo what XXXX said, we are friends with like-minded people, and intend to recommend you in the first instance to those that indicate they may be interested in looking around themselves. I can assure you of that."

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