Friday, November 11, 2016

How do we give back Millions???

First we have to be successful and we do that by providing outstanding service in a 100% transparent atmosphere. This is what buyers want, not just a rebate, they want the entire package. They expect it considering the amount of money they are transacting.

We are lean, that is how we do it! We are like the 'millionaire next door', we work sensibly.  No excessive waste on a pricey, flashy office space with bottled water and lattes at the ask. No mass marketing campaigns or other expensive advertising. No back office waste or other frivolous expenditures. I learned to live this way early in life from my Grandfather, Victor DeMave; one of the original "millionaires next door".

I also love what I do and love that our clients get it. There is a lot more to what we offer, so please feel free to call me for more information. I'll give away one more part of our platform; we are never selling you. We provide you with information that will assist you in making a sound decision. We consider our relationship with our clients a working, evolving partnership.

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Keith Burkhardt

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