Monday, November 7, 2016

This is our Best Advertising Secret!

Dear Keith, Lance, Christian and Norman,

Please accept my deepest thanks for everything you all did to make my recent purchase of a Manhattan co-op possible. It was a pleasure to work with you all from start to finish!

To any readers, let me add my testimonial to the many that helped me decide to contact this group:

From the start Keith and his team were helpful and informative, very knowledgeable about buildings, values, and the whole process.  Their strategy in letting people find what interests them on StreetEasy (why do this any other way in 2016?) and then taking it from there is brilliant. Let me just say that they really do provide all the services they advertise!

Lance made all the appointments to see properties so efficiently, and so convenient for me, then showed up on time or early every single time. When I decided on an apartment, Keith was so helpful on the offering process. We got a very good price accepted!

Then while in contract, Lance was there to facilitate my getting contractors/consultants into the apartment before closing, a tremendous head start in the renovating process.  Christian took care of so much background work. Never a mistake or a problem. Perhaps most important, they were all masters of getting the Co-op Board package together, and believe me there is nothing more important to you than their expertise on this.

And then, before and at closing, Norman was incredibly helpful and fully prepared. Our closing was painless, and then Norman handed me a check for 1.5%, as in, a nice fat bonus covering so much more than my moving costs.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy in NYC, look no further than this Burkhardt Group, you will be happy you have them all working on your behalf.

Thanks all!

Dr. Victor M.

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