Friday, October 27, 2017

Best Testimonial Ever!

This was a very trying situation for many reasons, that I won't go into here. So the fact Jeffrey stuck with us and had this to say about the service he received means more than you could ever imagine!

And for the record this was a deal that was under $700,000. We go the extra mile for every client we work with regardless of price!

"Good Morning:

I already said to Marty and one of my buddies last night, that I’m eager for the first opportunity to refer someone to you because I am so impressed and happy with all that you did.  I think you manage the obstacles that came my/our way with the best possible skill and strategy.  Further, you tolerated and contained my reactions.  That’s a unique accomplishment!   Those  who know me well, know all of the above is quite a compliment. Historically, I have not been a fan of brokers.  You changed that with regard to your group.  But your words capture my experience: “excellent” and I’m sure you noticed I have a BIG mouth and will use it to spread that around.  So, I hope it becomes helpful to you as time unfolds.  All the best.  I am certainly appreciative of Marc O encouraging me to contact you !



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