Wednesday, May 9, 2018

All listings sold or in contract in under 30 days!

No, we didn't sell all of the listings in 30 days! Rather it took 30 days or less to sell each one (one open house for a couple of them). For a number of years many of our clients asked me to list their homes for them, to put together a creative model that would be effective as well as cost saving. About 6 months ago I finally took on the task and it's been a very successful start.

Selling an apartment is not rocket science in New York City. More than anything it simply takes a confident, competent well-organized individual that understands the process and market. As you've heard me say before, it's really the buy-side agent that essentially does all the selling. Once the listing agent prices the property correctly, prepares it for market and enters it into the RLS (Listing database), he then assumes the role of a conductor. No doubt an important role at that.

Since pretty much everybody offers the same services, the most important aspect is getting the price correct and then preparing the property for showing. This can mean anything from complete staging and painting to simply decluttering and organizing. Your broker/agent will work with you and make suggestions regarding the best path to follow.

You're also going to want to find a team or individual agent that you're going to be comfortable working with.

My point being if you're considering listing your home, please give me a call and let me tell you what we can offer you. The good news, there are viable alternatives out there today.


Keith Burkhardt

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