Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Listing Service a Big Success!

When you think about it from a rational perspective, why wouldn't it be successful? The key is the way I have structured my business; very little overhead and all the excess fat has been trimmed.

No big office.
No back office.
No big advertising budget.
No expensive data services.

Take a look at one of our listings and let me know if you can tell the difference between ours and one of the big firms. All of our current listings have entered contract in less than a month, more than half in less than a week.

When you understand the process you'll understand why we're successful. Please feel free to call or email me for complete details on how our listing model works and why it's so successful. Never pay more than 3.75% total, that includes paying a buy side agent 2.5%.


Keith Burkhardt

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